Lake Murray, SC (WLTX) -- Lake Murray will be home to lots of activity this weekend, including the Columbia Sailing Club's annual Easter Regatta.

"A regatta is a series a races over a period of time and here we are racing Friday, Saturday, Sunday, we will try to get in ten races if we can," said Roger Dougal.

Dougal teaches electrical engineering at the University of South Carolina, but this weekend he is Dr. Dougal, he is the skipper of his crew.

Dougal said, "You will find literally everybody here, some of the crew are high school kids, some are college people, some people are lawyers, dentists, you get people from everywhere around here."

Crews from as far as Toronto, Canada, drove the 16-hour journey to take part in the weekend races on the water at Lake Murray.

Canadian sailor Trevor McGrath said, "It is just a way to get out there and forget about it all and have some fun, drink some beer, enjoy what Mother Nature gave you."

Ironically, even with Friday's picture perfect weather, Mother Nature wasn't cooperating with the sailors, at least for the first race of the day.

Dougal said, "When the weather is great for a picnic, it is lousy for sailing, it is bright and sunny and relatively still here, so we need a little bit of wind."

During the weather delay on Friday, teams got a little work in with the breeze available, others just enjoyed the sun, either way Dougal hopes this weekends regatta will give others a better understanding of the sport of sailing.

"It may be hard for people to understand how exciting it can be, you might think that sailing a boat at 5, 6, or 7 miles per hour sounds dull or boring, peaceful and relaxing, it's not when you are racing, it is exciting," said Dougal.

The races continue through Sunday, with the first gun sounding at 9:30 each day over the weekend.

If you are interested in watching the regatta from land, organizers say the walk along the Lake Murray dam is a good spot to take in the race.

For more information on the Easter Regatta, visit the Columbia Sailing Club's website at

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