Columbia, SC (WLTX)- Volunteers andmembers ofSt. Peter's Catholic Church spent much of the week preparing for Easter Sunday activities.

"We are ready to go with ham, the green beans and the cranberry sauce," said Robert Keeder, the volunteer coordinator with St. Peter's Catholic Church.

Keeder says a phone call from one of his parishioners was anwelcomedsurprise.

"She said 25 Easter baskets and I almost dropped my phone."

Randy Brooks dropped off those 25 Easter baskets his wife and son spent hours putting together.

"I was just the drop off man," said Brooks. "I really shouldn't be on TV because I had very little to do with this."

Keeder says all of this generosity and kindess will be celebrated at their Easter Sunday Mass.

An Easter dinner is taking place from 11 until 1 on Sunday at Saint Peter's Catholic Church located on Assembly Street here in Columbia.

The meal will include ham, mashed potatoes, green beans, salad, tea, lemonade and of course dessert.

The dinner is open to anyone who needs a meal.

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