Kershaw County, SC (WLTX) - On Easter Weekend many churches are taking part in foot washing ceremonies. It's a practice inspired by the example of Jesus, who washed the feet of his disciples before his crucifixion.

This weekend there's a surprising group of people who also will be participating in this time-honored Christian tradition, inmates at a local prison.

"It takes you out of yourself; it shows that you have a sense of selfless service," said Pastor Johnny Noble of Second Nazareth Baptist Church in Columbia.

Members at Kershaw Second Baptist Church are getting ready for the big event. Some of the fathers, locked up in the Kershaw Correctional Institution will be taking part in special ceremony, washing the feet of their children.

"While the fathers are doing this they will be asking their children for forgiveness for putting them in this situation," said Tenita Keaton an organizer with the event.

Keaton says every child wants to know that they are loved by their parents. The foot washing is symbolic act of service and humility. Christians believe it was an act performed by Jesus, who washed the feet of his disciples, before being crucified.

"He that must be a leader among you must first be a servant and so Jesus shows this sign of humility by washing his disciples' feet," said Noble.

Noble says even a father who is behind bars can show his children that they are loved. He says it's an experience that the children will never forget.

"We also show toughness and strength as a man but that man can also be gentle in some ways and that shows care and concern."

Concern that organizers hope will be felt by the men's children.

"I hope that every child when they leave tomorrow will know that their father loves them and that they are proud of them," said Keaton.

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