Guam (WLTX) -- Officials say North Korea may be planning to test fire a missile as early as this week that will target the U.S. territory of Guam.

"We're probably more well prepared for disasters than most American communities," said Guam resident David Crisostomo.

And that preparedness might come in handy very soon. Kim Jong-Un, Leader of North Korea, has threatened to send a missile directly to Guam. But according to Crisostomo with the Guam Pacific Daily News, it's just another day in the life.

"The community isn't panicking, it's business as usual, life as usual here in Guam," he said.

The newspaper still has a job to do and that's to get the word out in spite of possible danger.

"The community really wants to know - and this is what we've been trying to address with our coverage -are we prepared? Do we have what we need here in the island to protect us from any kind of potential attack," Crisostomo said.

And the U.S. is responding to community concerns. They've sent a Navy missile destroyer and radar to Guam. And the island is expecting reinforcements.

"This had been planned since 2006, Guam was going to see a build-up of military personnel here by sending forces from Okinawa to Guam," he said. "And so the island has been waiting for that. And this most recent situation with North Korea is helping to fasttrack the movement of these missile defense systems to the island."

And as they work to cover the story for the paper, these journalists call Guam home.

"Whenever this community goes through a disaster we are as much a victim of that disaster as anyone else in the community," Crisostomo said. "We will keep printing, we will keep posting on our website, we will keep informing our community for as long as we can."

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