Eastover, SC (WLTX) -- After a almost two years of expansion, the Eastover Library will be open for business again.

There's still a couple screws loose at Eastover's newly renovated library. But by Tuesday's grand opening, the library's customers will be rubbing elbows in a place that's much more roomy.

"Eastover's 5,400 residents soon outgrew our previous location," Richland Library Eastover manager Dee Robinson said. "The library was about 2,400 square feet, so it's half of the size we're currently are now."

Robinson has been with the Richland Library system for 12 years. She's seen that libraries in small towns like Eastover are helping bridge the gap.

"We saw that there was a need for more technology in our building. A lot of this area has not been connected for internet service and so they come to the library," Robinson said. They depend on the library in order to get access to the internet."

Now the library has more computers and even iPad access to e-magazines and e-books.

And in the children's area, Edventure partnered up with the library. They've put in a listening tube that is activated by special items in the area that will tell stories to kids.

"One of our main initiatives is to get children ready for kindergarten. And one of those ways that we do that is through our story time and introducing them to great literature," she said.

And with over 38,000 visits just last year, Robinson says this expansion came right on time.

"There's a need, there's a demand for our libraries," Robinson said. "The library resources are very much utilized and appreciated."

The re-opening will take place on Tuesday at 10:30 a.m.

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