Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- There are new developments in the double-murder investigation surrounding Brett Parker.

He's the Irmo man accused of killing his wife Tammy Parker and an associate, Brian Capnerhurst, on April 13, 2012. The crime took place at the Parkers' home in Irmo.

Monday, prosecutors and defense attorneys went before Circuit Court Judge Deandrea Benjamin over a motion filed by the defense to use the "stand your ground" argument to explain the chain of events on the day of the killings.

In the motion , Parker's attorneys point to evidence they say illustrates Parker's innocence because Capnerhurst was at the home unlawfully. The defendant'sattorneys have argued Capnerhurst killed Tammy Parker, and Brett Parker killed Capnerhurst in self-defense.

"We finally got the 470 pages of testing done in this case," said Mark Whitlock, Parker's lead defense lawyer said outside the courtroom Monday. "We have some issues with it."

It includes all the ballistic test results.

The Fifth Circuit Solicitor's office says the defense has had the information since February, and they're calling Monday's move a delay tactic.

With friends and family from all sides present, Judge Benjamin agreed to give them a week to present South Carolina's version of "stand your ground."

"In that hearing we will present that evidence you heard inside there that this was an unlawful entry," Whitlock said.

The hearing has been set for next Monday morning. That hearing is what will allow the defense to argue that this case does, in fact, meet the state's "stand your ground" laws.

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