Columbia, SC (WLTX)- On Wednesday, Richland County customers will start paying more when they go shopping, but not by much.

The additional penny-on-the-dollar sales tax goes into effect Wednesday.

Richland County started the tax to fund road improvement projects throughout the county. Voters approved the measure last November.

Richland County projects include roadways, greenways, bike paths and the bus system.

Roxanne Matthews, Assistant County Administrator in Richland County, has been working on the project since 2006. She said the tax would bring around $1 billion over the next 22 years.

"If we didn't have this billion dollars over the next 22 years, we would be reliant upon the current funding system, which provides us about $2.5 million annually with the tax we'll get about $50 million annually. It's definitely an increase and a great improvement for us," Matthews said.

For a list of all projects the penny tax will fund, click here to go to the Richland County Website.

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