Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- A lawsuit has been filed against the Dorn VAMedical Centerafter a laptop went missing from a wing of the hospital.

"Somebody could walk out with a laptop full of, not only personal identifying information, but health information as well is unbelievable," Atty. Douglas Rosinski said.

Earlier this month, over 7,000 veterans had their personal information compromised after a laptop went missing at the Dorn VA hospital.

This isn't the first time its happened.

"That was all supposed to be fixed. They've had seven years to do it, they still lose laptops," Rosiniski said.

This is all too familiar for Rosinski. In 2009 he was a part of a lawsuit against the Depatment of Veterans Affairs where a laptop containing millions of veterans information was stolen.

Rosinski andhisattorney,Mike Kelly, are representing two Midlands veterans in this lawsuit against Dorn.

"The Veterans Administration promised in Congressional hearings that they were going correct this, they enacted internal regulations to prevent this from happening and lo and behold it's happened again," Kelly said.

One of those promises included encryption software.

"VA's inspector general had issued a report that only about 1 in 5 of the VA laptops had the encrypted software on it that they spent hundreds of millions of dollars to buy," Rosinski said.

Rosinski says the laptop that went missing this time wasn't encrypted.

"They've violated their own policies. They've put the veterans who have served their country and gone off into many instances, they're at the Veterans Administration because they're injured, they're disabled, they're suffering from war wounds and then to have their identity potentially compromised is over the top," Kelly said.

The court document is asking for the plaintiffs to be compensated at minimum of $100,000 for damages.

Kevin McIver with Dorn VA Hospital says Dorn is offering a full year of credit monitoring to those affected. McIver also said the investigation into the missing laptop is still ongoing.

If you believe you've been affected you can call Lisa Boxton with Dorn VA at 776-400 ext. 7692.

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