Sumter, SC (WLTX) -- Concerned with the potential loss of an estimated $2.4 million dollars over 3 months to the Sumter economy, federal workers and citizens gathered in Sumterto rally against the sequestration.

"We as Shaw Air Force Base federal employees have been, for lack of a better word, attacked,"says John Sammons, president of the local American Federation of Government Employees.

Wednesday morning, federal employees along with everyday citizens gathered to let the public know what sequestration means to their community.

Sammons said, "Furloughs are now being imposed, 14 days, that means we have 14 days that we have to give back to the government, that we are not getting paid, we are losing money."

"We are now on the way to a reduction in force or RIF, which means we have 14 federal employees only on Shaw that potentially could be losing their jobs by August 23rd," said Sammons.

However, it is not just the federal employees that are concerned, Sumter resident Kristen Chavez is worried about the economic impact the cuts will have to the area.

Chavez said, "I just think that it is an important message that the people of Sumter needs to know and how important Shaw is to us, I am just concerned and I need to learn about more about this."

Sammons says it is not just Sumter residents that need to be concerned, with Fort Jackson and McEntire in the Midlands, he says the cuts will make a huge impact on all of us.

"It's affecting maybe not your family, but you have friends that have family members, churches, it is affecting us and people need to take it seriously," according to Sammons.

There are over 11,000 Defense Department civilian employees here in South Carolina.

According to, furloughs to those South Carolina employees will reduce their pay by an estimated $60 million dollars in 2013.

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