Columbia, South Carolina (WLTX)- There is a new ride in town for people in Lexington County.

The Central Midlands Transit Authority, soon to be called The Comet, has been offering a pilot program for the last month.

Every Monday people can ride the bus. Officals say if there is enough people, the county would consider extending services.

If you are interested, it's only a $1.50 to ride the bus.

Lexington County say they arepaying the bus system around $300-$400 a week to provide the service.

"They're buying it," CMRTA Executive Dir. Bob Scneider said. "It's their dollars, but it's really great that there experimenting with new ideas for their residents."

The Midlands bus system service is not just for Lexington residents only.

They arecurrently in the process of transforming their bus system to The Comet and they're optimistic about the future.

"We didn't know on a year-to-year basis whether or not the services that ran in June were going to be their in July," Scneider said.

Since the recent penny tax, the entire Midlands bus system is has become more sustainable according to officials.

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