Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- Opening statements were heardWednesday in the Brett Parker murder trial.

Parker is accused ofshooting to deathhis wife, Tammie, and family friend Bryan Capnerhurst in April of 2012. The killings took place at the Parkers' home in Irmo in the Ascot Estates subdivision.

Prosecutors say the killings were premeditated. Parker's attorneys, however, say Capnerhurst killed Tammy Parker, and Brett Parker killed Capnerhurst out of fear for his own life.

The statements made by both the prosecution and defense painted a picture for the jury as to what each side says happened there last April.

The prosecution said Parker's motive for murder is clear:hekilled his wife Tammy to be with another woman while collecting$1 million in insurance money as a result. The defense, meanwhile, admitted Parker's marriage had problems, but they said that is not a motive for murder.

"The more you learn about the details of this case, you are going to find Brett Parker's fingerprints on those murders, and I mean that literally," Associate Prosecutor Meghan Walker said, pointing to Parker demonstratively.

The defense did not agree.

"They had the FBI investing him, they had the Secret Service investigating him, if they had that kind of law enforcement on you, like they were on Brett Parker," defense attorney Mark Whitlark rebutted during his statement, "they could have indicted Mother Teresa!"

The prosecution briefly called several deputies who responded to the scene firstto the witness standas well.

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