Clarendon County, SC (WLTX) - The Charleston County Sheriff says a man suspected in the killing of two women and the disappearance of another now may be in Georgia.

Sheriff Al Cannon says they have evidence that 31-year-old Jeffrey Eady has traveled over there.

Deputiesin Clarendon and Charleston County sayEady is connected to the following incidents:

  • The disappearance of 77-year-old Sadie Brown, who Clarendon investigators believe is likely dead;
  • The shooting death of an employee at a recycling plant in Clarendon County, 65-year-old Maybell White
  • The shooting death of 37-year-old Crystal Johnson, who was killed while working at a convenience store in Charleston County.

The investigation into the crimes began Thursday, when Brown's caretaker reported her missing. It turns out the caretaker is also Eady's father.

Investigators say they'd gotten a report that Eady was seen driving the woman's vehicle on Wednesday.That vehicle was recoveredFriday morningin a wooded area off Highway 527.

When officers went to Brown's neighborhood to investigate her disappearance, they were alerted to another incident: the discovery ofWhite's body at a recycling plant. Investigators determined that White, who was an employee of the business, had been shot to death. The woman's blue Ford Focus with South Carolina tag GYF 642 was also missing.

Meanwhile, Charleston County detectives say around 1:45 p.m. Thursday, Eadyrobbed the D&V Convenience store on the Savannah Highway in the town of Adam's Run. Officers believethat during the crime, he shot and killed Johnson.

Investigators say he was seen driving the Ford Focus. Surveilance images from the store have been released.

State prison officials say Eady was released a year ago after serving more than a decade for armed robbery.

Anyone who has information on Eady should call 9-1-1.

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