Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- Getting older is inevitable. And reaching 100 is a milestone. But one woman achieved that a while ago.

"It just grows on you and it just gets here before you know it," Mattie Burbage said.

Most women dread growing old, but for Mattie Burbage, it's just another day.

She'll proudly tell anyone her age.

"104," Burbage said.

Saturday at Agape Senior Living family and friends all celebrated her birthday.

For staff member, Cynthia Scherbaty, she's been celebrating Burbage's birthdays for about five years.

And thinks she knows her secret to living that long.

"She exercised five mornings a week, three afternoons a week and was in better shape than most of the people that she was exercising with," Scherbaty said.

But the family thinks it's all in the Burbage genes.

Her nieces are in their 90s and her oldest sons are in their 80s.

"Our goal in life right now is to hang on so that we don't go before she does and we leave her here by herself," Bill Burbage said.

But Burbage believes her passion for arts and crafts has kept her young.

She was hoping to have a little girl to make frilly dresses for, but instead crochets blankets for hospice patients.

"I made about 100 to give to the different homes and things like that," Burbage said.

After seeing the complexities of life, the advice she has for others is quite simple.

"Well just be yourself that's all I know," Burbage said.

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