Columbia, SC (WTLX) - A convincing scam against the elderly may be on the other end of the line.

"We want to deliver your emergency medical services or something like that," said Polly Camp, remembering the call she received. "I thought well this is a scam certainly."

Camp described an automated voice saying she was the recipient of a free medical alert device.

"So I listened for a minute and then I hung up," said Camp.

An alert from the Better Business Bureau says the callers say they're fromcompanieslike "Medical Alert" "Alert USA" or "Life Alert".

Even if the call asks for you to press a number to validate your identity, the BBB says simply hanging the call up is the right thing to do.

They say if you press a number, you'll be transferred to a real person who they say can be "pushy" and "may use scare tactics."

The South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs says they've received complaints about the calls.

We calledthe local number a victim said showed up on caller ID. While we wanted to speak with someone on the other end of the line, no one answered our call.

"I hang up," said Camp. "I don't know if I have any good advice other than that."