Sumter County (WLTX) -- Although it's summer time, the Sumter County Sheriff's Office isn't on vacation.They're taking the time to host young men from across the county.

"What we kind ofdid is kind ofbrought in a little bit of fun along education," Capt. Terrance Colclough said.

Normally the Crestwood High School halls are empty in June.

But Colclough and the Sumter County Sheriff's office has 80 young men ready to learn. 13-year-old Lionel Smith is one of them.

"They taught us about courage, integrity and character," Smith said.

This is the Sheriff's Office 7th annual "Boys To Men" Conference.

Terredrick Harrington has been to three already and is proof that it's working.

"I'm becoming a young man, I meangetting more mature and stuff," Harrington said.

Today ends the boys' 2-day conference, where they learned about everything from finances to the effects of alcohol and drugs.

While many law enforcement groups focus on at-risk youth, this program is for every child.

'Why not get kids from different spectrums in life and for us to have the opportunity to catch them before they get involved in gangs, before they get involved in drugs and so foth. And to show them a positive lifestyle," Colclough said.

Conference volunteers are all members of the Sheriff's office.

And busting bad guys isn't the only way they're impacting comunities. They mentor, too.

We do care about them, we do care about their well-being, we do care about their education and we do care aboutwhether or notthey end up in trouble or not," Colclough said.

In two weeks, the Sheriff's Office will be hosting an all-girls conference.

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