Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- On Father's Day you can expect for your favorite restaurant or movie theatre to be packed. But what about the zoo?

"It can get a little crazy sometimes," Brian Parr said.

Parr is just one of the many dads who spent Father's Day at the Zoo.

And in honor of all their hard work they were given free admission.

While most dads like spending the day relaxing, like catching a nap or maybe just watching a golf game, Parr has a different idea.

"What you don't realize isthis might be a relaxed day for us.I mean we're at the zoo, this is great," he said. "What I've learned is dad likes to do what the family likes to do, so that makes everything a whole lot easier."

But before the zoo festivities began, Parr received a very necessary gift from his oldest son, Noah....

"I gave my dad a present.A ruler," Noah said.

"I'm always borrowing his so now I have my own to use. So it's a perfect gift." Parrsaid.

And although Father's Day happens every year, Parr says it gets better each time.

Especially now that his 3-year-old twin boys Owen and Simon are in the mix.

"Every year's different, right? Because they're a year older, so there's always something new for us to do," Parr said. "As the quality of some of the Father's day cards has improved over time, we're starting overwith a new group of cards. And it's nice because it really reminds me of when Noah was that age. It's a lot of fun to remember."

In addition to Parr's job as a professor at USC-Aiken,being afull-time dad is just as rewarding.

"The best thing is when I come home at the end of the day there arethree boys who run to meet me at the doorand give me hugs. That's the best part of my day, every day," Parr said. "It's really easy to be a dad withthree great boys like I have."