Sumter, SC (WLTX) -- A Sumter minister charged with criminal sexual conduct was scheduled in court Tuesday in an effort to evict a tenant. But the tenant he's trying to evict says he forged her signature on a deed document.

Larry Durant, 58,has bonded out of the Sumter jail. He was charged last week for the sexual assault of three church members. Previous Coverage:Minister Accused of Sexually Assaulting Church Members | Police: Minister Said Sex Acts Would 'Heal' Victims

"He'll do things for you. He'll give you money, he'll help you in anything. He lures you in like he really likes what he's doing but there's always something behind it," the tenant said.

As it turns out, the tenant is the grandmother of one of the alleged sexual assault victims.[News19 is not identifying the woman]She says she has been a member of Word International Ministries since the church started in June of 1998. At one point, she worked as Durant's assistant.

Durant gave her the deed to a house he owned in September of 2009.

"He really preach a good word, but he loves to use the statement, 'What God say,'" she said. "Just like the house, he said God said give me the house."

But now, Durant argues that she signed back over the deed to him. Both parties were due in magistrate court Tuesday, but Durant's attorney asked for it to be postponed.

"He have a way with you, he'll manipulate you. Even I fell for it," she said.

She believes Durant forged the documents after a family member came forward with allegations that Durant sexually assaulted three female church members.

Now she says she missed the signs about what the minister called "private prayer" sessions.

"We thought he was really talking to the children, but find out that wasn't the case," she said.

She says she's not too worried about her house, but that there could be more victims.

"All I want is justice done, that's all. Justice done," she said.

Durant's attorney has postponed the court date for about three weeks.

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