Columbia, SC (WLTX) - The father of 4-year-old shot by a stray bulletwhile watching tv in her home sayshe expects his daughter to make a full recovery.

Zahara Walker was shot Monday night at the Colony Apartments on Bailey Street. Original Story:4-year-old shot while watching tv

Anton Walker was not at the Colony whenthe bullet hit his little girl . A family member called to let him know his daughter was going to the hospital.

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"I immediately shot straight to the hospital. I was scared. Throw on the hazard lights. A hundred miles an hour and there we go," Walker said. "When I saw her for the first time, I just broke down. I broke down. I was going crazy. That's my first child, my only child."

Walker had taken his daughter to Chuck E.Cheese just a week before.

He says even though he knows the history of violence at the Colony Apartments, he never expected his daughter to be impacted by it.

"She had tubes in her mouth. Tubes in her nose," Walker said. "I didn't think it would happen to my daughter. But it's always violent out there."

Walker says he doesn't recognize or know Marcus Gantt, the suspect charged in connection withthe case. Police say Gantt fired shots at people inside a silver Dodge Charger. During the exchange of gunfire, a stray bullet hit Zahara inside her home.

"It shouldn't be happening in no neighborhood," Walker said. "You're guiding the kids the wrong way. You're teaching them to be thugs. Teach them to play basketball. Tell them to pick up a book. Influence them to do good and not bad."

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