Columbia, SC (WLTX) - The cell phone used by Gabbiee Swainson the day she disappeared was found behind a Myrtle Beach Piggly Wiggly on June 18 according to the Richland County Sheriff's Office.

"Elvia, Gabbie's mom gets a call from Gabbie's phone," said Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott. "Elvia's in church. She checked her phone when she got out and there was a missed call from Gabbiee. I can only imagine the emotion."

Lott says a worker found the phone and didn't know it belonged to a young woman who'd been missing for almost a year.

"Anything that could have been taken from that phone, we've done," Lott said. "Now the fact that we can connect that phone to Freddie Grant and his daughter is just more evidence of what we already know that Freddie is responsible for kidnapping Gabbiee and for her disappearance."

Lott says 27 year old Dominique Grant placed the phone at the grocery store. She's the daughter of Freddie Grant, the man police have charged in Gabbiee's disappearance.

"I don't want people to think Gabbiee was in Myrtle Beach. Gabbiee was not in Myrtle Beach. The phone was placed in Myrtle Beach," Lott said. "We know the last time that phone was used and pinged from was by Freddie Grant's residence."

When asked about other clues taken from the Myrtle Beach scene, Lott said, "Nothing that we're going to reveal at this point."