Winnsboro, SC (WLTX) -- While many students are enjoying time off and time indoors in the air conditioning, some are spending their time in the heat and humidity to help others.

The Salkehatchie Summer Service program is in full swing across the state, bringing student and volunteers together to help homeowners in need.

"There was one spot in the house where we could look up and see the sky, look out and see the woods behind her house and look down and see the ground," said Peyton Wiseman.

Wiseman was one of the volunteers helping to restore Jacquelyn McDaniel's home in Winnsboro.

Wiseman said, "We want her to be safe in her house and we want here to be dry and we want her to be warm."

The group is a ministry of the United Methodist Youthin South Carolina, the camp gives students an opportunity to donate their time to others, that need a little helping hand.

"It is just such an easy way to give back and we are learning about ourselves and our peers and getting to help someone who needs it and appreciates it," said Helen Cantey.

McDaniel admits that she could never afford the work that has been done to her home and she understands the sacrifices that the volunteers have made.

McDaniel said, "It makes me feel like a blessed child, just to see these young kids give up their summer vacation and do all these things and pay to come help us, that is a big thing to me."

Now that the work is complete and the home is in better condition than they found, the group believes they will leave more than just a fixed house to McDaniel.

"I just hope we could show her that people care about her, it doesn't matter where you are from, where you live, people are always going to lover you, and care about you," said Wiseman.

The camps run through the first of August their goal is to not only help physically improve the homes of needy families in the state, but also offer friendship and support.

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