Columbia, SC (WLTX) --Neighbors came together to pray for an end to violence in their communities.

A local group called Project Unity organized the event to bring about change and to support a family dealing with the results of violence.

Last week 4-year-old Zahara Walker was shot in the Colony Apartments outside her home as she watched television.

The girl and her family received special prayers at the event.

"It's just another sign of showing how the community is growing and just another way of being able to express and give thanks," said B.J. Jones.

He came to the event because he wanted to be part of something that would help to uplift the community.

Many came to remember loved ones some lost to violence.

"Prayer changes things," said event organizer Bruce Trezevant.

People wrote down prayers and slipped them inside balloons filled with helium to release into the sky.

Trezevant says there is strength when many gather to pray.

"Prayer is the one thing that keeps us all together. You know if we can all pray together anything else we can work through," said Trezevant.

He hopes that is what will happen for Zahara Walker's family.

The family attendedthe balloon releasewhere people joined hands and surrounded Walker and her mother, Chanell Ward, to pray just for them.

Ward says she is thankful for the support from the community.

"I see that people have my back, and it's not just, you know, people who supposed to be there, it's the community, and they didn't have to come together. They choose to, because what's right is right and what's wrong is wrong and they know in situations like this you need all the support you can get," said Ward.

She says the family has moved away from the Colony Apartments and she thinks they should be shut down.

Trezevant says his group hold various types of prayer events in the community and works with churches, businesses and law enforcement to make a difference.

"If we can start believing in each other, believing in the word of God, believing in His power in our community and in our lives then we can start circumventing some of the things that are going on in our families out here, we can circumvent some of the things that are going on as far as the crime," said Trezevant.

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