Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- In 2011 the Corporation for Economic Opportunity was awarded a grant for a community orchard.

The orchard was planted in the Rosewood community and now nearly 2 years later the plants are thriving and helping teach a community about how things use to be.

"It was our first community orchard and it is a symbol that people can plant food in their yard," Ryan Nevius executive director of Sustainable Midlands.

The Community Orchard at Owens Field Park opened in November of 2011, it is growing well and is now a symbol of how things used to be according to Nevius.

Nevius said, "A hundred years ago in Columbia everyone had fig trees and a pear tree or a persimmon or some other kind of fruit tree and we have kind of gotten away from that and we have sort of lost touch with our food supply."

Now at the Rosewood orchard with the rows of apple trees, blueberry bushes, and other fruits, families can get back to the way it was years ago.

Rebecca Munnerlyn, the past president of the Rosewood Community Council said, "It is wonderful for kids and parents to come out and see where their food comes from and how you can grow it yourself.

She said, "It takes just a little water and nurturing and sunlight to grow something that you are proud of and your family can benefit from."

"We have folks who are interested in these types of activities, in local food in supporting our local merchants and local businesses and it is just a great place to live," said Munnerlyn.

Now both Munnerlyn and Nevius hope others will not only see the fruits of their labor, they also hope others will learn from the orchard as well.

Nevius said, "We have already seen the fruits of people saying, 'I can plant that in my yard, this is how I prune it, this is how I take care of it,' and teaching someone how to fish is much better than giving them a fish."

The orchard was awarded to Columbia by Edy's Fruit Bars after residents voted online.

For more information on the orchard go to the Rosewood Community Council website at

For more information on Sustainable Midlands you can visit their website at

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