Columbia, SC (WLTX) --Saturday is National Dance day and all across the country, people are moving and grooving.

"Let's put passion and community put together and I thought national day of dance, perfect," Chiaun Claire Kimpton said.

Kimpton knew she was destined to dance.

"When the music comes on and you start be-bopping to every music, whether it's classical, jazz or blues, you know you've got it," Kimpton said.

So it made perfect sense that Kimpton and her friend, Sheimaliz Glover, organize an event for National Dance Day.

"We thought, why not Columbia has this national day of dance and celebrate it. So we decided to get all the dancers we know in Columbia and come on out and do that," Glover said.

For dancers and rhythmless people alike, the sound of music can get you up on your feet.

And it's good for the body and soul.

"It's a whole body work out; Your arms, your butt, your back, your core. You're doing so much and the whole thing is thatyou're not realizing that you're exercising," Kimpton said.

"Even if I'm having the roughest day or the saddest time it's something as simple as combining the music," Glover said. "You see people light up and that energy transcends."

Not only is National Dance Day fun, it's charitable.

Participants were asked to bring canned food items to donate to USC's first food pantry for students.

"We've done statistical analysis on our financial aid and about 47 percentof students receive financial aid and they have financial need," Kimpton said."I've personally come into contact with students after their meal points run out, what do they do?"

Although there wasn't a huge turnout,

Kimpton hopes that Columbia dancers can pull together and make big things happen next year.

"I want our dance community to function as one. So we're hoping that this initiative might be a little small this year, but next year to just to reach out to everybody and make a big movement," Kimpton said.

National Dance day started in 2010 and is the brainchild of the co-creator of the TV show "So You Think You Can Dance."

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