Columbia, SC (WLTX) - University of South Carolina Head Coach Steve Spurrier says his players are having a tough time wading through the autograph seekers at practice.

His solution to the problem: no more open practices.

Spurrier announced Sunday at South Carolina's Media Day that fans will no longer be able to show up to the practice facility towatchthe preseason drills. Originally, fans wereallowed to attend the first week of the team's preparations. But he says people are getting carried away with trying to get a souvenir, and it's making ithard for his players to do their job.

"Poor Jadeveon [Clowney]can't even get out on the field without getting somebody mad at him," Spurrier said.

Spurrier also said people are using their cell phones to take video and pictures, another no-no.

"Love to do it for those people who love to watch practice, and I've always been one to open up spring ball and preseason, but it's a different day."

Spurrier even says they're going to have to bring in security staff to make sure hisplayers can get in and out of practice without being mobbed.

Spurrier's comments came afterhe and the players posed for pictures with the media. PHOTO GALLERY:USC Players Strike a Pose He said so far his players' effort has been good, but they've been a little sloppy, which is to be expected at the start of preseason.

"Hopefully we can get better as we go through preseason here," Spurrier said. "We've got a lot of coaching to do before the first game."