Columbia, SC (WLTX)- If you live in Richland County, your property taxes could be going up in a plan to fund improvements to the library.

The Richland County Council approved a $59 million dollar bond referendum to be put on the November ballot.

Richland County Library Executive Director Melanie Huggins said they need the tax payers vote.

"We need to update the environment so we can grow as a community," Huggins said.

Huggins also said the last bond referendum for the library was back in 1989, and most of their facilities have not been updated.

Richland County Councilman Torrey Rush, who was the only one to vote against putting the refrendum on the November ballot, said maybe it's not the right year.

"There's a couple issues," Rush said. "One is timing. We just passed the penny sales tax, a billion dollar tax over the next 22 years."

Rush is in support of the library, but wants to give tax payers a break.

"Let people get adjusted," Rush said.

The library said they need the money to make the necessary changes.

"A bond referendum is the only way that the library has to do significant upgrades or renovations to any of its facilities," Huggins said.

If you own a $100,000 home in Richland County, the average cost for you would be $12- $14 dollars a year.

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