Columbia, SC (WLTX) --One mother thought her three-year-old child was abducted from a Lexington park, but it turned out to be a false alarm.

"Officers from our agency were dispatched here to Virginia Hylton Park for what we were told was an attempted abduction of a small child," said Lt. Carroll Bledsoe with Lexington Police said.

However, it turns out a good Samaritan was watching out for the child. Surveillance video showed a man with the child walking behind him.

"He turned around, escorted the child back to down to a restroom area" Bledsoe said. "And a lady was coming out of the restroom, he asked the lady, 'Do you know this child,' and she said that she did and she was the one who reunited the child with the child's mother."

Fortunately this story had a good ending, but Lexington Police encourage parents to be prepared.

You can pick up a free child identification packet at the station.

Inside parents can keep a photo of the child, DNA samples and fingerprints.

Also Lexington Police say it's best to be your brother's keeper.

"It's always a great idea to position yourself in an area to where you can see not just your children or child, but everyone else's and be that good Samaritan if you see a child walk off," Cpl. Doug Lee with Lexington Police said.

Authorities said that unknown good Samaritan could have saved the little boy's life.

"He could've just gotten lost in the wooded area, he could've went into the roadway. He definitely potentially averted a tragedy with the child wandering away from his parents," Bledsoe said.

Lexington police also encourage parents to teach their children their whole name, as well as their parents names, and to know the number to 911.

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