Columbia, SC (WLTX) - As football players rest for the big game another team is scrambling in the Gamecock locker room.

"This week we will be going with garnet on garnet with black socks so it will be a good look and we have been fortunate with that uniform so far," said Ryan Fischer, Assistant Director of Equipment Operations. His job to keep everything perfect.

Fischer knows just about everything when it comes to what the players are wearing on the field.

"Once we finish the helmet if it needs a visor or anything we just put it up in the locker."

It's not exactly a glamorous job, but it's definitely an important one.

"A lot of equipment managers say we are not noticed until something goes wrong but it's a good job and a fun job, you get a good look at how to work as a team, working with the overall team."

Fischer and about 19 other students and staff have to put 88 jerseys on pads, put decals and logos on helmets among other things.

"Some players like to have their certain mouthpiece or chin strap and other players like certain cleats, a mid-top cleat or a high top cleat."

And if you thought all that was enough, there's more!

"We have back up jerseys as well as we have spare numbers and jerseys that we can use if we ever have a problem if a jersey rips."

Fischer graduated from USC and loves watching the team play, it's a demanding job for most but for him it's a match made in heaven.

"It's just a very rewarding job when you get to work with the team and you are successful at the end of the year."

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