Lake Murray (WLTX) -- The unofficial boating season has come to an end and the traffic on Lake Murray will be decreasing as we move through Fall.

However, even as the warm weather comes to an end, law enforcement officials and other first responders can't cool off with their training.

Flotilla Island at Lake Murray on Thursday looked like a scene of a dramatic rescue, but if you look a little closer, the victims in this case were first responders, getting trained for potential life-saving maneuvers.

"We are participating in our swift-water rescue team short-haul training, the swift-water rescue team is a multi-agency team," said Erik Murrah.

Murrah is in public relations with the Lexington County Sheriff's Department, he says Lake Murray is the perfect place to practice for the responders that help protect us.

"The lake of course presents a unique challenge for the Lexington community and Richland County and Columbia," said Murrah.

According to Murrah, "There are a lot of boats out here on any given weekend and the purpose of this training is to do any type of rescue exercise that may require or necessitate something outside the normal means."

That may also include rescues in flooded or other isolated areas that aren't easily accessible, the team has to be ready for any emergency.

The swift-water and flood rescue and recovery team is watched closely by consultants from the outside giving advice when needed.

"They come out here and they help us out with what we need to do, they help us with hand signals, grade our exercises, and help us with what we can improve on in the future," said Murrah.

A future that hopefully doesn't involve any real rescues, but if or when it does happen, the team will be well-prepared.

Murrah said, "We want to get ahead of the game and if there ever comes a time when we have to use this, then we are going to be ready to do it."

The Lexington County Joint Swift-Water and Flood Rescue and Recovery Team formed in June 2011.

The team members have training in helicopter rescue operations, boating safety, dive operations and swift-water as well as flood rescue.