Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- While many folks in the Midlands get excited about the actual football game, there's are plenty that also take the pre-game activities very seriously.

"Just come visit, come see what we got," Lori Hollowell said.

he Hollowell tailgating tradition has been about a decade in the making, but they didn't always have an enviable set up.

"We have gradually increased our appearances here," Hollowell said. "We have our new two 50" TVs mounted on the outside swiveling, you can have two games on. We have all of our Cockys, we have beer pong, we have everything you want."

They even provide restaurant-quality drinks with a slushie machine.

"One side is kid friendly and one side is very adult friendly," Hollowell said.

But if you drive on over to the other side of the RV lot, the Moore family is very kid friendly.

"Bouncy houses takes us from having to babysit the kids, they got their own babysitter right here. They don't go traveling off anywhere, they're right here with us. So the adults can have their fun right here with the kids having all their fun," Woody Moore said.

And while many see tailgating as pure entertainment, Moore likes to think of this as a business move.

"Free advertisement and we get a lot of rentals out of doing this," Moore said.

But, all in all, it's about spending time with the people you love.

"A lot of people we only see them here this time of year, but we're all like a big family," Moore said.