Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- Most people like a cold glass of soda to go with a meal every now and again. But all that soda could make your smile eerily similar to someone who uses drugs.

"There is a point where all the money in the world can't save a tooth," Dr. Jeanette Wingate said.

A study reports that people who drink excessive amounts of soda have similar tooth decay to methamphetamine users.

"I've got this person who is probably 23-years-old and they really need a denture," Wingate said."It's sad, I've seen it from methamphetamine use and from soda."

Wingate has seen some of the best and worst teeth in herfour years of practicing dentistry.

And,what dentists call "Soda Mouth," is predominantly affecting young people all over the U.S.

"When you sip all day, you're constantly lowering pH andthe salivanever isable to bring it back to neutral and then you have a long exposure of, basically, an acidic environment in your mouth," she said.

Beverage Digest says the topfive sodas of 2013 are Coke, Diet Coke, Pepsi, Mountain Dew and Dr. Pepper...

Mountain Dew had the most sugar at 77 g in a 20 fl oz serving.

And, just because you're drinking diet drinks, doesn't mean your safe from Soda Mouth.

"Diet soda doesn't have sugar, but it's still very acidic. And it can cause the same leveloferosion onthe enamel and the dentin of teeth,"shesaid.

Wingate says the biggest sign ofSoda Mouthcan be found on your front teeth.

"There will belittle cupped out lesions, frequently they're smooth and those aremore signs of erosioninstead ofcavities," Wingate said.

She saidthere's no need to go cold turkey on your beloved soda, just limit how much your drinking.

"Coke and Pepsi are not evil but if we drink tons and tons of them constantly, they're not good for you,"she said."Just like most things in life, so reallymoderation is the key.

Dr. Wingate also recommended drinking lots of water and limiting your intake to one or two servings of soda aday.

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