Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- Learning can take on a whole new meaning when someone your own age is leading the way.

Students at Dent Middle School are teaching others and guiding them through an exhibit on Anne Frank and the Holocaust.

"It's really nice to be able to feel like you know her story, almost as if you were with her, instead of just saying this is Anne Frank and she lived in the Holocaust. I can actually tell how she felt and what she thought about it in her own opinions," said Madison Stone, a 13-year-old student guide.

Eighteen seventh and eighth have taken on the role of guides after rounds of training in the spring and again in the fall.

"I think it brings it to life for them and I think that you know they're really getting some detail in both her life and the Holocaust that they're not usually gonna get to in class or through their own study," said Marc Turner, the exhibit's site facilitator. He says all of the school's students will view the exhibit.

Students view a video and learn lessons about Anne Frank and the Holocaust before visiting the exhibit, and some say makes them appreciate the past.

"I learned new things, things that I didn't know about Anne Frank," said Samantha Mendez.

"It was neat cause I have a journal myself so it's really cool knowing that even Anne Frank had a journal and expressed her feelings in another way instead of telling everybody her feelings," added Armani Wright.

Before leaving, the students write their thoughts on the exhibit and sign a log that will be sent to the Anne Frank House.

As for the guides, the experience has enhanced more than just their knowledge of history.

"It makes me actually want to write more because when I think about it, if she had never wrote down her feelings we would have never knew about her story, " said 13-year-old Frankie Collins.

"I thought I was really shy before, I didn't want to talk in front of a group of people, but this helped me with that," said 13-year-old Ivory Void.

Now, some of the student guides say stepping into their new role has given them something that they will not forget.

"It's been a really amazing experience for me, and I've known a little bit about Anne Frank, but I really learned a lot and I won't forget this," said 13-year-old Logan Diaz.

Turner says the exhibit will now travel to other schools in the state.

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