Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- Midlands residents were running the town all Saturday morning with the Color Me Rad 5K fundraiser.

Even though they looked uniform in some type of crisp white shirt or covered in color, 14-year-old Katie Kendall stands out.

"I guess God just helped me through it because you know you can't do it by yourself," Kendall said.

In 7th grade, Katie was a cross country runner and cheerleader.But, then she got some news that would change her life.

"All my levels were a little messed up. So then we just did the bone marrow biopsy and I was diagnosed a couple days after," she said.

She was diagnosed with Leukemia and had multiple extended stays in the hospital.

But, every week there were people to brighten her day.

"Every Monday they would come with their cart and I would get a little toy off the cart every Monday, I used to get a lot of books," Kendall said.

A portion of the money that the race makes goes to Happy Wheels where volunteers go to state children's hospitals with tons of toys, books and games.

Katie says she's glad she can help the organization.

"I just love running and this is a really fun one to do and since we're getting to do it with Happy Wheels, it'll be good and hopefully we can raise awareness for that," she said.

No matter who came in first or last, everyone's a winner when it comes to charity.

Katie's Leukemia is in remission, but she will finish up treatment next June.

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