Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- With stolen guns on the street, it's not about the number alone, but the loss of life as well.

Joanne Hafter's daughter was killed in Virginia in 2006 after graduating from high school in Irmo.

Lizzie was 22 years-old, and working on her Masters in Virginia, having already receiving her bachelors degree.

She was killed by a man suspected in a multi-state crime spree who approached as she sat in her parked car listening to her headphones.

"He needed a car," said Hafter, "She had no idea he was there, and he shot her."

The gun the man shot her with was stolen.

The owner of the gun waited five days to even report it stolen, a frustrating point in the story for Hafter.

Hafter expressed additional frustration after hearing another young girl was shot with a stolen gun in Columbia's Five Points.

News19 examined South Carolina state laws pertaining to gun laws.

Tony Ashy, 23 year owner of Tony's Guns and Police Supplies in Sumter. He said he knows state laws well because of how long he's been in business.

Ashy said although his store policy is to require every gun he buys to be checked against a national gun database, that may not be the case in other gun stores.

"Some customers I know, Ashy said, "they come in and say 'well I sold a gun so-and-so, [and] they didn't make me fill out paperwork.' I say 'I can't answer that.'"

Ashy takes it a step further, pointing to the fact that nowhere in South Carolina state law is it required for a person buying a gun from a private citizen to report the purchase.

Guns with obscured or destroyed serial numbers are not only illegal to sell, but make them nearly impossible to trace.

South Carolina state law also does not require anyone to report a stolen gun.

If you know of someone in possession of a stolen firearm, you can always anonymously report it to:


You can alsoe-mail a tipby

There is also the option of sending a text, inby texting "TIPSC"plus yourtip informationtoCRIMES (274637). Either way you choose, your identity will remain anonymous, and you could be eligible for a cash reward.

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