(WLTX) --- Garrison Gist can certainly be considered one of the most well-rounded athletes in the country.

The Rock Hill native is a sophomore running back who earned walk-on status back in the spring. He is probably the only football player in the country with a background that is centered on powerlifting and art.

Gist is an art studio major - something you would not associate with a 5-10, 255-pound former powerlifter who has put in hours of training in an effort to make the USC squad.

Garrison hopes to take his creativity to a career in graphic design. He has gone so far to say that his ability to be creative has helped him with football as he tries to catch the eye of the coaches with the goal of playing in his first collegiate game.

In the meantime, Gist stays on the sidelines in his jersey. But there is no daydreaming during the games as Garrison stays locked in on what plays are being called and what the defense is doing to counter that.

If Gist does get the call to suit up for action, the former Northwestern Trojan says he will be ready.