Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Many Americans have had problems with trying to apply for healthcare with the new Affordable Care Act.

Some people are even losing their current healthcare plans because of this new federal law.

"When I got this plan they said it was not Affordable Care Act compliant, so that's why I had to make the decision," said Eileen Rega.

Rega and her husband have been the owners of Regal Prints in Columbia for 11 years.

Recently her health care provider dropped her coverage and she was faced with a decision that many Americans are making, sign up for a plan in the Affordable Care market place or pick up a more expensive plan.

"When the affordable health care act came about I was excited because it was covering the pre-existing conditions."

Rega has three children including one son with asthma.

When she applied for coverage in October, the website was experiencing long wait times so she applied over the phone.

Weeks later she called to check on the status of her application and later found that it had been lost.

This week she was notified that she needed to renew her old coverage plan which was more expensive than the plan she had to drop by Friday or be without health insurance.

"If I wouldn't have agreed to start a new plan, I would be without healthcare insurance by tomorrow and with five of us I can't afford to do that. I have a son who is on asthma medication and that alone is $200 a month for just one of his medications."

And she's frustrated because she already paid $2,000 in medical costs that would have gone to her old deductible. Now she will have to start all over and meet a $9,000 deductible before her coverage kicks in.

"It's really quite stressful because when I really should be devoting my time to the business, I have to devote hours and hours searching for healthcare coverage."

Instead of risking being without coverage until January; when coverage with the Affordable Care Act kicks in, she took the more expensive coverage.

"Just one thing could happen and it could wipe us out financially, both personally and our business."

Rega hopes lawmakers in Washington will stop arguing about the law and focus more on making healthcare affordable for Americans.

"No one should lose their house and their financial security because someone in their family gets sick and it's a constant stress, it's always in the back of your mind, when really you should be focusing on other things."

Rega hasn't given up on the Affordable Care Act and looks forward to her application going through so that she can try and see if a new plan will be more affordable for her family and business.