Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- Transitions in downtown Columbia helps the homeless to find their footing. But they are trying something a little different, expressing themselves through art.

"As far as painting I'm not good at that," Ann Johnson said.

Transitions resident Ann Johnson doesn't consider herself to be the best artist.

But she isn't painting to sell pictures.

"This art is an expression that people have. They can use it as one part of communication with the public," Johnson said.

"It's breaking down that stigma that when they're doing art, they're artists," John Dawkins with Transitions said. "They're in there with seasoned artists. So the only difference is there's a teacher and student relationship which is amazing and wonderful."

On Tuesday, Transitions will be hosting "Reconstructing Home" art show at Tapp's.

And the amateur artists are putting on the final touches under head instructor Wilson Bame.

"It's really amazing you see people who have never painted anything in their lives or they've only drawn stick figures and they think they can only draw stick figures," Bame said. "You just give them a pen, you give them a pencil and some paint and just say do what you feel. Do what you want to do."

Although Transitions focuses on preparing people to get back on their feet, they hope this opportunity allows them to use their creativity.

"We work with people that are 'in need,'" Dawkins said. "We gear toward the basics - you have housing, you have shelter, you have food, you have clothing.We understand you have to work on the complete person."

The pieces will be on display Tuesday at Tapp's Art Center on Main Street. Tickets are $40.

Proceeds from the paintings will go to the artist and Transitions.

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