Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- Republican State Senator Katrina Shealy announced plans to pre-file a bill to prohibit lawmakers who are lawyers, from appearing before judges that they appoint.

News of the bill comes as Republican Governor Nikki Haley's campaign has criticized their Democratic opponent Vincent Sheheen for having legal cases before judges he has appointed.

Sheheen is one of 23 lawmakers on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Sen. Shealy's office released a statement Monday morning saying:"Victims don't get the luxury of a 'pass' when they're targeted by criminals. Law enforcement doesn't get the luxury of a 'pass' when they put themselves in harm's way to protect our communities. Lawyer-legislators, including Vince Sheheen, don't deserve a 'pass' when we find out they are doing business before magistrates they appoint. Restoring the public's trust in state government, and in the legislators representing them in Columbia, means we have to get rid of these crystal-clear conflicts of interests."

Sheheen's Campaign Manager Andrew Whalen responded, sending this statement to News19: "Katrina Shealy's bill is nothing more than pathetic political posturing, just like Nikki Haley's calling for ethics reforms while being one of the worst offenders. Vincent Sheheen has led the effort to reform state government, including the magistrate appointment process, literally writing the bill, S.240, nearly a year ago, to do so. Ms. Shealy ignored Vincent's reform effort for months.

"Now, Ms. Shealy and Nikki Haley are choosing to play petty, political games. Their actions are disgraceful, but Vincent will continue working to clean up state government."

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