Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- Imagine you sent in your absentee ballot for Tuesday's 'strong-mayor' vote weeks before voteswere counted, and having it sent back.

That's what happened to a Columbia couple.

Nancy Layman said she and her husband both sent their absentee ballots to the Richland County Voter Registrationusing the pre-addressed envelope that came with the ballot. They paid their own postage to send it in the mail on Nov. 14, according to the Layman's.

Nearlytwo weeks later, on November 27, their ballots were returned with a message labeled "return to sender" because there was "no mail receptacle" and it was "unable to [be] forwarded."

Nancy Layman called the Richland County Board of Elections and Voter Registration.

"So after I called, they told me to go back to Meadowfield," said Nancy Layman about the conversation. Her voting precinct is Meadowfield Elementary.

Mrs. Layman said she was told that the problem was with the post office, and it was "not the Richland County Election Committee that's at fault."

After an afternoon conversation with the Election Commission, the Layman's said they were able to vote Tuesday evening.