Sumter, SC (WLTX) -- A Sumter Couple wants answers after their purchase of a pet monkey didn't happen as planned.

Candi and James Albrighton own all kinds of pets, so after searching the internet, they found another animal to add to the family: Titzy.

"That adorable doll baby face, just something I wanted," Candi Albrighton said.

After finding what they thought was a trustworthy vendor online, they said they negotiated a price of $300 for the monkey.

"They said they're putting her on board, she's on her way she'd be here at 10:45 in Metropolitan Airport in Columbia. It never happened," James Albrighton said.

After checking their tracking number and calling the airport several times, they realized Titzy wasn't anywhere near South Carolina, but they couldn't get answers on exactly where she was.

"It's just been texts and emails," Candi said.

And it's driving them bananas.

"I think I'm getting scammed out of some money and a monkey," she said.

Luckily, the Albrightons were able to stop the payment on their deposit.

Jim Camp, CEO of the Better Business Bureau here in Columbia, said you can never ask enough questions when making an online purchase.

"We give folks the same advice for pets that we give for other items purchased on the Internet; know who you're doing business with," Camp said.

Even with this bad experience, Candi said she still would like an exotic pet.

"I want my monkey," Candi said.

Now, this couple will think twice before they cyber shop.

"I know it's a bad experience, I know I'll never do that experience again. I know that for sure," James said.