Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- Patients at Columbia's VA hospital cannot get the services some of them need.

The discovery of contamination in the operating rooms has once again put a stop to surgeries.

Army Veteran Tamara Rajah received a call from Dorn about the first shut down and received assurances that the situation would be taken care of before her scheduled procedure, but that is not how things turned out.

After months of setbacks, her oral surgery scheduled to take place last Friday was canceled when the staff found particulate matter in the VA's operating rooms. That left Rajah, who suffers from Lupus with her hands tied.

"I was preparing for the next day, for surgery, making arrangements for my pet and my home and a pick up and all of that. I got a call about 6 p.m. Thursday evening from the surgical department saying that the surgery has been canceled because the operating rooms are shut down again," she said.

Dorn found particulate matter back on October 18 and had just resumed surgeries December 2. While waiting on the surgery Rajah developed an infection that resulted in pneumonia, and now with another shut down, she is feeling some mixed emotions.

"It is very important that this procedure be done for my health and my well-being, but at the same time I was sort of relieved because I didn't trust it from when it was shut down the first time," she said.

Rajah operates a non-profit organization called Skip to My Lupus. She says she and her clients frequently deal with canceled appointments and no follow-ups from the VA. She thinks the hospital should work to get them all taken care of outside of Dorn.

"At this point I think all surgeries should be outsourced," Rajah said, and with little information coming from Dorn, she is left with a health concern and lots of frustration. "As a veteran, we don't deserve the treatment, or should I say the lack of treatment, that we're getting at the Dorn VA. I have been seen at VAs across the United States and this is by far the worst I have ever seen."

News19 contacted the Dorn VA hospital several times today working to figure out an anticipated date for the operating rooms to reopen. Our calls have not yet been returned.

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