Lexington County, SC (WLTX)- Peachtree Rock at the Nature Conservancy has fallen over.

The rock has made the hiking trails in Lexington County a well-known destination for decades.

"It is very unusual, there are very few of these around," said Mark Robertson, South Carolina State Director of the Nature Conservancy.

According to Robertson, many students, from elementary school age to university researchers, have studied the rock that once looked like an inverted pyramid.

"It probably formed underwater, there are actually shells and other ancient marine life embeded in the rock," said Robertson.

Robertson is not sure how the rock fell over but knows that vandalismplayed a part in it falling over.

"Vandalism accelerated therocks fall,I think with natural erosion someday it would have fallen," said Robertson.

The Nature Conservancy and South Carolina Department of Natural Resources co-manage Peachtree Rock Preserve.

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