Columbia, SC (WLTX) - An audit done by the State Education Department shows that the South Carolina Autism Society owes more than $52,000 back to the state.

A letter from the education department was given to News 19 Monday. In the letter the department says the SC Autism Society misappropriated $52,000 dollars given to them by the state from 2009-2011

Earlier this year at the urging of the state education department the state inspector general conducted an internal review of the South Carolina Autism Society.

His report concluded there was an improper accounting of funds, a weak accounting system and many unusual and unexplainable transactions.

The education department says the audit discovered $52,046 of a $173,655 IDEA Fund awarded to the organization was not properly used or unaccounted for.

IDEA stands for, Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. State education Superintendent Mick Zais informed the organization about the audit findings back in October.

According to the South Carolina autism societies website over 42,000 residents across the state have some form of autism.

One in 88 children born in this state will have some form autism.

The money was designed to help those diagnosed with disabilities to get an education from kindergarten through the 12th grade.

As of Monday it's not clear what happened to that $52,000.