By Stephen Losey, Air Force Times

The Air Force unveiledWednesday a sweeping list of voluntary and involuntary force management programs it hopes will reduce the ranks throughout 2014.

According to a timeline provided by the Air Force, the 18 programs will include reductions in force beginning in June, two rounds of date-of-separation rollbacks in January and May, 15-year retirements, and a quality force review board in May. The Air Force also is planning retention boards for chief master sergeants, tech sergeants, staff sergeants, senior airmen, and senior noncommissioned officers.

And for the first time, the Air Force will use a new authority called the enhanced selective early retirement board, or E-SERB. That board, which was granted in the fiscal 2013 National Defense Authorization Act, will meet in June and consider colonels with between two and four years time in grade, lieutenant colonels who have been passed over for promotion once, and retirement-eligible active-duty officers between the rank of captain and colonel. The regular SERB applies to colonels with at least four years time-in-grade and lieutenant colonels who have been passed over at least twice.

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