Sumter, SC (WLTX) - A Thomas Sumter Academy 2nd grader used fire prevention training she received at school to get her family out alive when a fire started at their home.

"I ran ran ran," Olivia Diller. "I looked at the big window. The door, the door in the kitchen. The blind wasn't closed and I looked at it and saw lots of flames."

The seven year-old ran to her parents room to tell them the house was on fire and they needed to get out.

"I thought she wanted to call into bed with me and her dad or had a bad dream or wanted to crawl in bed with us," said mom Beth Diller. "It kind of has a mind of his own. We knew it was going to come inside any minute. We just panicked."

It happened so fast, the second grader who saved her family ended up outside with no shoes watching her house burn.

"People say it's little things you'll remember for the rest of your life," Beth said. "It might just be something that you're missing and you go looking for it. We're just so blessed and grateful to be here."

Olivia's classmates all held an assembly to honor their friend who used what she learned.

"Olivia happened to be in one of my classes when we were talking about fire prevention," said Johnnie Rose with Sumter Fire Department.

Rose presented Olivia with an award for courage and for knowing what to do.

"Olivia! I mean, that's amazing," Rose said.

The award will hang in the Diller's new home which they'll move into in the spring of 2014.

"We're just very lucky she woke up," Beth said. "I don't think you ever forget it."