Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- A Swansea man said he received a ticket for speeding in a school zone when he was in the clear.

"I made it a habit to set my cruise control that way it's not up to me, it's up to the cruise to take care of the vehicle. I don't try to control the speed," James Mullins said.

Last Monday, Mullins said he did just that.

And when he gotpastan "end school zone"sign on Monticello Road in Columbia, it was business as usual.

"Well, I accelerated to 35 and locked it again," he said.

However,a couple blocks afterthesign, he was pulled over by a police officer.

"I think he said he clocked me at 37 [mph] in a 25 but we were well beyond the first end of school zone sign," Mullins said.

That's when the officer showed him a second"end school zone"sign just down the street.

Mullins argues that the two signs make it confusing about where the school zone really ends and begins.

"I pointed it out to him thatthere was a second sign," he said. "'I just need to take it up with the judge.' That was my only recourse."

Mullins has a court date set forThursday to dispute the ticket.

"I want my points they're mine. And I'm not going to give them up and my cash," Mullins said.

After we called the South Carolina Department of Transportation andthey started taking a look at the maps of the area.

They say there used to be another school zone on that road.

SCDOT crews took down the flashing lights sign, but not the end of school zone sign.