Bishopville, SC (WLTX) -Two Lee County deputies were shot earlier Thursday and tonight and are still in the hospital.

The deputies were responding to a traffic stop when they said 52-year-old Christopher Reames opened fire.

The sheriff says he is thankful that both of his deputies are still alive.

Both officers were wearing bullet proof vests, "We just refurbished those vests about six months ago and the outside carrier we just put those on yesterday and it was the first day he had it on," said Sheriff Daniel Simon.

Lee County Sheriff Daniel Simon says that just after 1:30PM Sergeant Leroy Durant and Corporal Shante Demaray noticed that Christopher Reames,52, was acting suspicious.

When the deputies approached the car, Simon says Reames pulled out a gun and shot Durant in the stomach and Demaray in the leg.

The deputies fired back shooting Reames in the arm. The sheriff says Reams has a long rap sheet including attempted murder and drug charges.

"It was fight or flight and somewhere down the line the suspect was shot during this incident."

His step daughter Akon Dorsey says she was on the phone with him when the incident occurred.

"He was telling the police to call the police and telling them to call the FBI and then the officer was telling him to get out of the car and he told them well just shoot me in the head.," said Dorsey.

Reames' wife Martha says that he has been diagnosed with PTSD from his military service, as well as suffering from Bi-Polar disorder and depression.

"He said I am going to go live in a fox hole and live in the woods, he said I just need to kill myself and get it over with. I said you should not feel like that because we love you," said Martha.

Sheriff Simon says drugs were also found in the car. The sheriff says he is grateful both his deputies are alive.

"Thank God because it could have been a whole lot worse and if they didn't have those vests on a lot of the officers we could have been talking about a different story," said Simon.

SLED is investigating the shooting.