Columbia, SC (WLTX) --Many retailers rolled out big sales today to try and get people spending money on the things they didn't get for Christmas.

"If something's on a real big sale and we got to have it, we'll pick it up," Jimmy Moore said.

Moore and his family stopped into Columbia on their way to the North Carolina Mountains.

He decided to get his son a couple more toys for Christmas.

"My son's a big fan of Skylanders, wanted some other Xbox 360 games that he possibly wanted, so we figured we'd do a little shopping, the wife enjoyed it as well," Moore said.

People from all over are hitting up the tail end of the 2013 holiday sales.

And while most would think it would be pandemonium,Moore thought it was a bit slow.

"Best Buy seemed to be pretty good," Moore said. "The lines weren't really long as far as returning things there was probably 10, 15 people at the max there."

"It's actually not near as busy as I thought it would be. We originally did not intend to come in here and Harbison was not that busy today," Johnny Hartley said.

Hartley and his two children wandered into the Best Buy after finishing errands a bit early.

"We come in to look at what kind of sales they have and in particular I was looking for the laptop that you could take the monitor off and then it becomes a touch pad," Hartley said.

The Hartleys left with no bags.

He said they just wanted to check out pricing and maybe come back next year.

But, sometimes it's not about the sales, it's about quality time.

"We spend so much time apart the rest of the year, we get together, run to the mountains, do a little shopping together just some family time," Moore said.

The National Retail Federation still expects 2013 holiday sales to increase by almost four percent.