Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- Getting the kids to eat and enjoy healthy snacks will not be a problem for some parents after this week.

A pilot camp program at Fast Forward, a community technology center, taught kids about healthy snacks, with a side of how to do business.

Thirteen children attended H.E.E.T. Camp, an acronym that which stands for Health Entrepreneurship Economics Technology, and many say they walked away with some lifestyle changes.

"This sorta helped me out because usually I'll just be eating and drinking soda," said 10-year-old Catelyn Brown.

Now, she is sharing her new knowledge with her family.

"We would go to the store sometimes and I would look at the label and say uh-uh, too much," she said of her new habit of looking at nutrition labels.

The campers studied health and nutrition, took a field trip to a local grocery store and taste tested health snacks.

They then went to work creating their own companies and trail mix brands with marketing and business plans all put together on spreadsheets and power points.

11-year-old Arthur Eleacer targeted athletes with his product, Sports Mix. He says the experience has changed his eating habits already.

"I would eat a lot of chocolate and I had to cut down on chocolate because it had a lot of sugar and lots of bad things for you," he said.

The children presented their products and business plans to Brooke Brittain, a dietitian from DHEC and later to investors, also known as mom and dad.

Brittain says she walked away impressed with the research and detail shown by the presentations.

"They actually figured out how much protein, how many calories, they figured out different vitamins that theirs had and the fiber, and overall too, when you compare it to products that are out there already, those premade trial mixes, theirs ended up with less calories and it ended up being a cheaper product," said Brittain.

Fast Forward says it is looking for funding and other options to grow the campand offer it this summer.

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