Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- In 2012, when a Midlands couple gave birth to a baby girl, they knew their time with her would be short. But, now, they've come up with a special way to continue her memory.

"God had blessed us with having her with us for a little bit," David Snider said.

When Jocelyn and David Snider were married in 2011, they thought it couldn't get any better. Then Jocelyn became pregnant with a little girl the Sniders would name Ruby.

Three months into the pregnancy, things got rough.

"We found out early that there may be some complications with the baby," he said.

"God blessed us with a fantastic obstetrician who believed in just seeing what would happen," Jocelyn Snider.

Ruby was born January 10, 2012 at just 1 lb, 9 oz.

"My wedding ring would go all the way up to her shoulder, is how small her arms were," David said.

The baby died just seven days later.

Last week marked what would have been Ruby's 1st birthday.

And to commemorate it they asked their friends to give back to the community as a tribute to the little girl.

"One side of the card was Happy New Year's and the other side of the card was Happy Birthday to Ruby and we just sent it out to our friends and asked them to do some kind things," Jocelyn said.

Soon after people were posting their random acts of kindness on twitter and facebook with the hashtag #RubysSweet7.

Posting everything from buying strangers breakfast to donating toys to a hospital.

"This has really just taken on a God-sized thing that I never thought it would become," Jocelyn said.

"Somebody said, 'In seven days your daughter's done more for the world than I have in 36 years,'" David said. " And that floored me, that's powerful."

"She did only live seven days, but her legacy will live eternally and for me if one person's eternity is impacted from her seven days it's worth the pain that we've gone through," Jocelyn said.

The Sniders shared the good news that they are pregnant again and their baby will be due in May.

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