Manning, SC (WLTX) - George Stinney supporters say the young man wasn't treated fairly when questioned about the murders; however, family members of the victims don't see it that way.

Wednesdayis expected to be an emotional morning at the Sumter County courthouse for both families. News 19 spoke with the niece of one of the victims and despite still believing that George Stinney killed her aunt, she says she hates that both families have to relive the incident.

"I actually think that three children died back then, because he was executed for doing it and the two girls were killed by him and I will always believe that," said Carolyn Geddings.

Geddings aunt, Betty June Binnicker was one of the girls 14-year old George Stinney was convicted of killing nearly 70 years ago. Despite those who say otherwise, she believes enough evidence was given to prove that Stinney killed her aunt.

"The laws were a lot different than they were in 1944 and had he had Miranda rights it may have made a difference in how he was sentenced but I still think he is guilty. They had evidence back then but they are saying they don't have any now. My mother took the stand during the trail and says she was shown the scissors that she gave the girls to go pick flowers with."

Geddings says she has no animosity towards the Stinney family, saying they shouldn't be held responsible for the actions of their loved one.

"I feel bad for them, they can't help what happened and I don't know that they were treated fair back then, I was told they were run out of town that wasn't fair. Once the trail is over, it will be over whatever way it goes and it's not going to bring him back and it's not going to bring my aunt and the other little girl back and it's a sad situation. That's what happened in 1944 and 70 years is a long time to keep rehashing it, it needs to be over."

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